Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lesson 3: FIRST CONTACTS; Conjugation of the verb KOMMEN

In the next days I will write about the most popular German verbs that are very important in everyday life. 

sein - to be ( --->lesson 2 - sein ( conjugation ) )
kommen - to come
wohnen - to reside, live(in)
sprechen - to speak
heißen  - to be called

For our luck most of the German verbs are conjugating regularly by adding specific ends.  

Conjugation of the  verb "kommen" in the present tense:

ich komme  ( I come ; I am coming)                                

du kommst ( you come ; you are coming)                             
er /sie / es kommt (he / she / it comes ; he / she / it is coming )

wir kommen (we come ; we are coming)
 ihr kommt (you come ; you are coming )
 sie/Sie kommen (they / you (formal ) come ; they are coming                                                                                                                      

KOMMEN in a sentence 

Wann kommt er nach Hause?  ( When is he coming home? )

 Kommen  -  activity



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