Friday, August 8, 2014

The official language of Austria

To learn the official language of the country where you have emigrated is the base. In my case it's German - in the Austrian version, and to master it, is my priority. 

I can't imagine that there is a chance to get any valuable work and to keep an easy life in Vienna, while using only basic English or German. 
Facts are saying that the "Austrian version" of German is different from original German. Since I live in Vienna I've experienced that differences can be observed in the pronunciation ("a" is often pronounced as "o" - eg., I - "Jo"), vocabulary (by. German Wikipedia exist  7000 words specific for Austria ), and less often in grammar. 
Besides, in Austria occurs several dialects of the German language - as some people say, at every valley is another dialect, but please don't think negatively. 
I was ensured by my few Austrian friends that if I will use the original German in Vienna, all Austrian people will understand me and there will be no problem with communication, so this is the most important. 

The only thing that truly scared me at the beginning of my adventure with German were constructions  of sentences and length of words! I think that you need to have a strong will and motivation to get through this. However, I noticed that as more often I try to read aloud all these monstrous words, I'm doing better. I'm still used to the English language, so I have problems with sentences construction, but I appreciate the presence of my Austrian company who correct me very often. If you know any person, who could help you with improving your German skills ask for a conversation in German  - as often as it's possible is better, I assure you! 
Besides, I would like to invite you to learn German with me - on Viennese Cheesecake there is a new category "Learn German" where you can find my online German lessons!


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