Friday, October 17, 2014

Health Insurance (E-card)

Whether you need to apply for your temporary residence card  (where you must have health insurance of any kind) or you just want to insure yourself, then this post might be useful for you.

It can be a very annoying process if you don't know which documents to bring or where to go. From my own experience I can say that if you call WGKK (Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse) and ask what you need for your insurance, they will probably forget to mention at least one document you will need. I just insured myself about a week ago, so this information is quite up-to-date. The list of documents provided here is for students particularly.

Your first steps is to make sure you have following documents:

  •  Passport
  • Studienblatt (below is the picture of what it actually is)

  • Studienbestätigung (almost the same as Studienblatt, but you will need both)

  • Bank account details (it has to be Austrian account) 

  • Completed form from the WGKK website (click here). You will find list of forms on the right, so just find one relevant to you
  •  Meldezettel

Insurance in WGKK costs €52 per month and it will be debited from the account you provided.

Your next step is to actually go to this place: 

The address is - Wienerbergstraße 15-19, 1100 Vienna

The closest U-bahn station is Philadelphiabrücke and then it is a 20min walk. Alternatively you can just drive 20-30 minutes from the city centre (and there is a fee for parking) and if you live close to it - then you are lucky ;) 

The building from outside looks modern and big, so you won't pass it by. You may get confused with entrances. Go to the one, which says KUNDENCENTER. Finally you are inside the building. In the middle of the "room" you will see a round information centre. Behind it there is a big room with a lot of people. You take your ticket with a number for the window C and wait for your turn. 
After you will be sent to another room, where they will write down some details from your passport and you will be send back again to the same room you went the first time to get your confirmation that you are now insured! 

If you need one more confirmation for your residence-card (Aufenhaltstitul), then just tell them and they will make one separate document for this purpose. Your e-card, which is basically your insurance, will arrive by mail to your stated address in a week or two.  It is recommended to carry your e-card everywhere with you. 

I would also recommend to copy all your documents before going to WGKK for your insurance and always better give copies. You must, however, bring all the original documents with you. Besides that, the other adress where you could go to get your insurance is Mariahilfer Str. 85-871060 Vienna (Phone number+43 1 60122-8000).

Good luck 



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