Tuesday, March 17, 2015

American in Vienna blog - explore Vienna with an American expat

Whether you are a resident of Vienna, or going to visit the city just for a few days, you should check Michelle’s blog called American in Vienna. The author who was new to the city not so long ago, really cares to give you honest reviews and tips from the view of an American expat in Vienna.

About the author
Author of American in Vienna blogMichelle is a woman born in the USA who has moved to Vienna due to her marriage. Fascinated by the city, she decided to share all her discoveries and findings of Vienna on the blog which she created in November 2014. Until now, Michelle has been a very active blogger and you can follow her posts with many social media channels (FbTwitterInstagramGoogle+Pinterest) .

Blog Content
Whenever Michelle is going to a restaurant or a Café you can be sure that she will give you an honest report. In the category “FOOD & DRINK” you can also find good quality photos of interiors and food. If you are a food enthusiast, please remember: it’s not the best idea to look at these photos BEFORE lunch!

In the category “CITY LIFE” you can find information on sights and places in Vienna worth visiting, as well as events worth participating in, with photos. Even native residents of Vienna might read about a place where they have never been to or heard about.

If you are a newcomer don’t forget to check out RESOURCES where you can find some links to useful sites, groups, lists and guides.

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