Friday, March 13, 2015

Lesson 6: FIRST CONTACTS; Conjugation of the verb heißen

odmiana czasownika heißen

Today let's talk about conjugation of  heißen - to be named/called

Verbs that end with -ß, -s, -ss, -z, -tz get in second singular person ends -t, instead of -st.

Conjugation of the verb   "heißen" in the Present Tense:

ich heiße  ( I am named/called)
du heißt ( you are named/called)
er /sie / es heißt (he's/ she's / it's named/called)
wir heißen (we are named/called)
ihr heißt (you (guys) are named/called )
sie/Sie heißen (they/ you(formal) are named/called)                                                                                                                                                                          

Sentence example:

Wie heißt du? ( What's your name? )

Ich heiße James Bond. (My name is James Bond.)

Conjugation of the verb "heißen" - activity:

At the end a video that might help you with spelling "heißen" correctly ;)


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