Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Books for learning German: review of Schritte plus 2 (Hueber)

Schritte plus 2 Kursburch + Arbeitsbuch Niveau A1/2 (Hueber)

Over the last months the Viennese Cheesecake team has been testing many books, apps, programs and platforms for learning German. The textbook which we're going to introduce today is in our opinion one of the best.
 Sure, Schritte plus has a few disadvantages which are mentioned at the end of this article, but the big advantage is, that this set might be helpful for you whether you learn German on your own, with a tutor or friends. 

The set includes:
-Textbook  with a CD (184 pages)
Schritte plus 2 Kursburch + Arbeitsbuch Niveau A1/2 (Hueber)-Österreich EXTRA book with a CD (very useful for those living in Austria; extension with additional "Austrian-German" vocabulary and dialogues)

Content of the main book:
a) 7 chapters which cover everyday life topics and situations:
-Beruf und Arbeit (Profession and work)
-Ämter und Behörden (Offices and authorities/governmental institutions)
-Gesundheit und Krankheit (Health and sickness)
-In der Stadt unterwegs (On the way in the city)
-Kundenservice (Customer service)
-Neue Kleider (New clothes)
-Feste (Celebrations)

b) grammar theory in every chapter

c) part at the end of the book with additional exercises for each chapter (also phonetic exercises)

d) sample of a general test

e) 2 sites of "Fokus" (sort of summary) of each chapter

Schritte plus 2 Kursburch + Arbeitsbuch Niveau A1/2 (Hueber)

Structure of each chapter:
All chapters are divided into sections A-E.
A-C: contain photo and audio stories with exercises + some grammar exercises;
D, E: focus mainly on improvement of listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

- affordable price
- improvement of all types of linguistic skills
- additional Austrian extension which is very important especially for those living in Austria
- many interesting and different types of exercises and games
- Schritte books for learning German contain everything that should be covered for taking exams with Goethe Institute

- to solve about half of the listening exercises, you need to purchase an additional CD which is quite expensive (click to see the price)
- no key for the exercises



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