Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sali Jonuzi – Andy Photography - photos of Vienna

Sali Jonuzi – Andy Photography from Gostivar, Macedonia has sent us a few photos from his trip to Vienna.

If you like what you see, visit his facebook fan page ---> HERE

"I’m Sali Jonuzi, my artistic name is Andy Photography. My occupation is teacher of Geography. I am an amateur photographer, photography was my hobby, whereas since 2013 I’m committed more professionally to photographing as I got my first dslr camera- Nikon D5100. Photographing is: unbinding a moment from time to make it timeless. I like taking shots of many beautiful moments and have them forever. I am new in the world of photography but I hope in time, with practice and eagerness I will gain the necessary experience for my new passion. I like taking pictures of nature and cities, especially old architecture since they tell a lot about the past of the city itself and make us aware of how permanent that beauty is. Particularly, I like shooting night photography with long exposure timingas it reveals the real beauty. Vienna is a city with a great number of historical objects and monuments and I would need a lot of time to cover them all by visiting and taking pictures of them. It is my second visit to Vienna and I am impressed by this magnificent city with so many majestic modern and historical buildings. I like Vienna, when I ‘m in Vienna I feel at home.
Sincerely Sali Jonuzi"


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